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Game On! Learning

Can game-based training really be as effective as traditional corporate training programs?


Yes! Game-based training can be just as effective—or even much more effective—than more traditional e-learning programs or instructor-led training.

Game-based training programs bring together the best elements of e-learning software and hands-on instruction in an engaging and enjoyable environment that is directly relevant to real-life, day-to-day situations. Here are just a few reasons why game-based corporate training solutions can provide a training experience that is equal to (or better than) traditional corporate training:

  • Game-based learning is highly engaging and enjoyable.
  • Online training games can provide a hands-on experience for a large workforce—anywhere and anytime.
  • Skills learned in the game environment are directly relevant to day-to-day tasks.
  • Game-based training can be more cost effective than instructor-led, hands-on training.
  • Mobile learning games can be delivered to smartphones and tablets, allowing learners to connect to training at the point of need from a device they almost always have within arm's reach.
  • Each user can learn at his or her pace and is given opportunities to learn from mistakes.  "Fail in a safe place".

As you can see, corporate training games can provide the convenience of e-learning software with the engaged experience of an instructor-led workshop in one neat package, which ultimately translates into a well-trained and effective workforce.

Please feel free to give us a call today at 1-888-725-GAME (1-888-725-4263) to learn more about how game-based training can meet your workforce training needs.  And please request your FREE copy of our guide:  6 Reasons Why Game-Based Learning Might Be the ‘Next Big Thing’ in Your Talent Development Strategy.