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Why is game-based learning better for corporate negotiation and persuasion training?


Working in the fast-paced corporate world leaves little time for team building and skill developing.

None of your team wants more “stuff” to do, but they need to learn critical, competitive skills or your business risks jeopardizing its market advantage. While many types of online pedagogy run into the “this platform is incredibly boring and I hate it” problem, you might be overlooking a surprisingly non-traditional solution – game-based learning.

Our generation is obsessed with video game playing. The average gamer today is 37 years of age. Generation X and the millennial generation – members of which no doubt constitute a sizable percentage of your workforce – grew up on Asteroids, Space Invaders, and Mario Kart. They love games. Likewise, they hate bureaucratic nonsense.

Game-based learning is not only far less threatening, it’s a more organic way to learn and utilize your skills. When we play games, our emotions get involved in dynamic ways that contribute to learning, skill retention, and problem solving. To master arts like negotiation and persuasion, you need to spend time testing your skills. You can’t just read a recipe in a book and magically know how to apply the concepts. Game-based learning helps you bridge the gap between knowing and doing by empirically validating your understanding.

The team here at Game On! Learning can help your team develop critical empirical skills and apply them not only in the marketplace, but also in your office to give you a competitive advantage. For more information, call Game On! Learning today at 1-888-725-GAME.

Bryan Austin
Chief Game Changer and founder of GameOn! Learning

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