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Discover How Game Based Learning Fosters Effective Skills in Your Workforce

Traditionally, corporate training programs are boring and mainly focus on a series of lectures followed by a series of exams. Even traditional e-learning solutions are often based on the same model, and employees spend valuable training time scrolling through text or clicking their way through a series of screens.

An Engaging Revolution to Corporate Training Programs

In game based learning, employees are immediately engaged in the game, and they spend more than 90% of their training time actually developing and practicing their new skills. Besides providing a fun and enjoyable experience, game based training is very effective in the development of relevant real-world skills—actually more effective than many traditional programs. Here are a few reasons why game-based training tops traditional programs:

  • Skill based learning – Unlike more traditional training programs, our game based learning modules focus on developing real-world skills rather than memorizing pages of texts or sitting through lectures.
  • Positive reinforcement – Trainees who use our corporate learning games receive constant positive reinforcement, and they receive ongoing advice and instruction for applying their new skills more effectively.
  • Repetition – In game based learning, trainees are constantly practicing their skills. Repetition in applicable scenarios makes it easy for new skills to become second nature. Some learners even describe it as “learning without trying!”
  • A safe environment for learning – The virtual game environment provides a safe and supportive environment for employees to practice skills and allows learners to apply their skills in increasingly complex scenarios.

If you’d like to learn more about how serious learning games can help you improve the day-to-day skills of your workforce, please contact the friendly team at Game On! Learning today at 1-888-725-GAME.

And, if you’re new to the idea of game based learning in corporate training programs, don’t forget to request your FREE copy of our informative guide:  6 Reasons Why Game Based Learning Might Be the ‘Next Big Thing’ in Your Talent Development Strategy. You can receive your FREE copy of this guide by giving us a call or filling out the convenient contact form on this page today!