Are you confused in choosing the best Runescape Gold Swap Site?

What is Oldschool Runescape?

Runescape had a split into two versions in 2013 when Jagex introduced Oldschool Runescape alongside the Runescape 3. Rs3 is the version which is being updated regularly since the creation of RS. But oldschool runescape is the 2007 version of the game which means the sever looks exactly like it was back in 2007. The main aim to launch this was to get the old player base back and due to immense demand from the current players, Jagex Ltd was forced to introduced this.

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2007scape was able to grab the attention of the majority of players and we were able to see a major chunk of players online on oldschool version whereas RS3 was left stranded. However, as the time passed, both the servers got almost the same amount of players. One of the main reason of players to switch to OSRS at start was to make quick gold in it and then swap that osrs gp for RS3.



What is Runescape Gold Swap?

Runescape gp swapping is the transfer of gold from one server to another. This can be RS3 to OSRS swap or 07 to RS3. This enables the players to switch their wealth between both the servers whenever they want to switch to the other version. The gold swapping feature also enables the players to benefit from the high stats in one of the game to farm gold on one server that could be for example oldschool, then swap it to RS3 and keep playing RS3.

Shortlisting the Best Runescape Gold Swapper

It must be hard for a normal player to distinguish between a legit and a fake gold swapping service or an individual who claims to be a trusted swapper. Sometimes some things are too good to be true and you should not fall for the traps. There is a checklist which you must check upon before you begin swapping with someone.

  1. Check for their feedback and vouches
  2. How long are they in service from?
  3. Are they making an unrealistic swap rates offer?
  4. Are they forcing you to swap your gold ‘right now’ or ‘quickly’ or something like that? CAUTION!!! Stay away from someone who forces you to trade now. Think again.
  5. Check the quality of their website.
  6. Search their name on a search engine and check the corresponding links for more info about them.

This is something where you have to be alert and vigilant to stay safe. You will come across hundreds of fake swappers who will just get away with your gold and ban you from their messenger or the website.

Best Runescape Gold Swap Website: ZedRS

Our team has personally tried top few swapping websites and bumped into a site after which they came to a conclusion that the number 1 out of them is ZedRS.

What do they offer?

RS3 to 07 Swaps

07 to RS3 Swaps

Rent A Staker

Hand Done Powerlevelling

OSRS and RS3 Gold

There are few other legit swapping websites but they lack one thing or another. For example, one might be good at swap rates but lacks communication skills, another one might be good at communication skills but tries to rip off its customers by its insanely high swap rates and so on. But with ZedRS, we have found everything completely perfect and upto the mark. The livechat agents have amazing communication skills and will make sure you are fully satisfied and safe during the swap, they are always ready to negotiate on the swap rates to make sure the customers get the most of their rs gold.

Recommended by GameOnLearning

Our one and only recommendation is ZedRS. Without any doubt and questions, they offer the best RS Gold Swap rates and the top most Runescape Gold Swap and Rent A Staker service. I personally guarantee you won’t be disappointed even a single time while using them. Their prices, rates and level of service are insane but real!

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