How to develop the right strategy in a game?

How to develop the right strategy in a game?

Developing the correct strategy in a game is important not only in Strategy games but in all kinds of games. If you want to be the last man standing, you need to find a way to develop the right strategy in the game, which is going to help you in the long run.

Why is the right strategy so important?

Every game has some part that you just have to think through before pursuing. In CS:GO that’s the game economy, in LoL those are the different game objectives like Turrets and Drakes, in PUBG and Fortnite those are the resources. So, you must check these things out before you can do anything at all.

What is the best way to develop the right strategy in a game?

Truly, every game is so different, and you cannot develop the same strategy for all of them...

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What are The best ways for improving your game sense?

What are the best ways for improving your game sense?

Each game has three aspects: mechanics, team communication and game sense. Mastering one of those will make you better than the majority of players. Mastering all three will make you an elite player. If you are good in terms of game mechanics and know how to communicate with teammates, but struggle with the game sense, here are a couple of the best ways for improving your game sense.

What is your game sense?

Prediction is a very important part of competitive gaming. If you want to beat your opponents in any game, you need to know what they are going to do next. Also, if you play FPS games, you need to know how much time you approximately need to get from point A to point B...

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How does watching eSports players help you get better?

How does watching eSports players help you to get better?

Having a good role model in life is crucial for becoming a good person. Accordingly,  if you want to become a better player, you need to look up to some eSports players. Watching eSports players helps you to improve your skills and game sense.

The significance of watching eSports players

Professional eSports players are basically gamers who dedicate most of their time to mastering game knowledge and skills. They spent thousands of hours practicing and playing games. Therefore, they know so much more things about that particular game which the average player cannot even think of.

You can watch hundreds of tutorials on the Internet that can help you a little bit...

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The importance of choosing the right role in eSports games

If you want to be as best in any eSports game, you need to pick the right role for yourself. By choosing the role in eSports games you get a chance to fully focus on one aspect of the game. As a result, you’ll master that role faster.

Multiple roles in eSports games

Some Esports games such as Fortnite, Hearthstone, FIFA, and others don’t really have roles. Moreover, many of them are played by one player. Games such as CS:GO and Overwatch don’t have strictly defined roles. We can say that there are Lurker, Support, Entry Fragger, In-Game Leader and AWPer in CS:GO, as well as Tank, Damage and Support players in Overwatch.

Still, those roles are not as strictly defined as they are in LoL and Dota. For example, Top Laner in LoL is specialized in playing on the Top Lane...

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How to communicate better in SoloQ matches?

How to communicate better in SoloQ matches?

In all team games, you can choose whether you want to play SoloQ matches or you prefer to play with your own team. SoloQ matches have always been risky to play considering that you play with people you don’t know. Communication is the biggest problem. However, there are some things you can do to communicate better in SoloQ matches.

Do not have any expectations from your teammates

One of the two biggest problems in SoloQ communication is toxicity. If you want to avoid being toxic on your own, don’t expect anything from your team. The main reason why people are toxic is that they expect too much from their team. Therefore, when teammates don’t meet expectations toxicity is starting manifesting itself.

So, the best way to start a SoloQ match is to t...

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How much time do you need for turning pro?

How much time do you need for turning pro?

Becoming a professional Esports player is a dream of every gamer. However, a very small proportion of gamers succeed in turning pro. One of the reasons is time. Therefore, the question is: “How much time do you need for turning pro?”.

What are the Different levels of gaming?

There are several different levels of gaming. Accordingly, there are casual, hardcore, semi-pro and pro gamers. Although differences between these levels are not 100% determined, we can distinguish types of gamers according to time they spend playing video games. In addition to that, the effectiveness of the time spent is also important.

The best example for that is the best CS:GO team Astralis. They are undoubtedly the most dominant CS:GO team...

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