Unicorn Ranch

Due Feb 19, 23

Code: UnicornRanch



The first 3 games accepted will each receive $50. The highest quality submission will receive an additional $100. Please contact Harkoss on the Discord before starting.

madlibs Description

Madlibs is a game that helps students practice basic reading comprehension. A sentence is shown on the screen, and the player follows the instructions of the sentence. GameOn's SDK and Plugin make it very quick for developers to create Madlibs games. Every sentence has multiple options and only one right answer. GameOn's technology will randomly select which of the options is the right answer for the player at runtime. For more complex sentences, the right answer may involve more than one step.

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Question Set

1. Find the .

2. to the .

3. the .

4. the fountain with the .

5. With the launch yourself to the unicorns.

6. the with the sparkly unicorn and then it .