How to get out of the Silver in Competitive Games?

How to get out of Silver in Competitive Games?

All games with a competitive aspect have something in common and that means that it has different ranks. “It doesn’t show us our real skill level”, but it’s still something that we bother ourselves with. Here are some basic tips on how to get out of the Silver or any other low rank in competitive games.

Practice more

Of course, it’s possible that something else is wrong, but you always need to start with the most obvious thing. Maybe you are just too bad and you need to put some effort into improving your skills. There are different ways you can practice your skills.

For example, you can practice farming in LoL, Dota 2, and Overwatch, or you can play Deathmatches in CS:GO...

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What things you must avoid doing in competitive gaming?

What things you must avoid doing in competitive gaming?

If you want to be good in competitive gaming, there are some things that you must avoid doing. These bad habits stop you from showing your full potential, and you have to get rid of them in order to get better. These are the three things you must avoid doing in competitive gaming. 

Avoid doing things that pro players don’t practice

In every game, there are things that affect your performance badly. There are two ways to figure out if you are doing something that you shouldn’t. You should avoid it if it makes your game bad. Also, you shouldn’t do that if it’s something that pro players don’t practice. For example, constantly crouching in CS:GO or leaving your support undefended in Overwatch is something that can make you lose the ga...

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How to practice in-game reactions?

How to practice in-game reactions?

Practicing different aspects of the game is very important for improving your in-game performance. However, there are some things, like reactions, that you should practice outside of the game in order to be better. In this article, you can read how to practice in-game reactions.

Reactions are more about genes and less about practice

Unfortunately, reaction time highly depends on our talent. In other words, if you are not born with good reactions, you will have a rough time trying to improve them. Nevertheless, you can always make your reaction time at least 10-20% better if you know how to practice in-game reactions properly. Although it doesn’t sound too much to you, that can make a difference between losing and winning.

Also, there are games that don’t ...

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How to beat stronger players?

How to beat stronger players?

Unless you are a real pro, you will always have to face stronger players than you. They might be better in a few segments of the game or they can be better in each aspect of the game. It’s not fun to play against stronger players, but there are are some things you can do in order to better your chances to beat stronger players.

Exploit their weaknesses

No matter how good someone is, he or she definitely has some weaknesses. Your job is to discover those weaknesses and try to exploit them. No one likes to face people who know their weaknesses. Imagine that you are bad at defending wings in FIFA 19, and your opponent is constantly attacking your wing-backs. Of course, that is going to annoy you and you will eventually lose the game.

Therefore, you need to make ...

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How does watching eSports players help you get better?

How does watching eSports players help you to get better?

Having a good role model in life is crucial for becoming a good person. Accordingly,  if you want to become a better player, you need to look up to some eSports players. Watching eSports players helps you to improve your skills and game sense.

The significance of watching eSports players

Professional eSports players are basically gamers who dedicate most of their time to mastering game knowledge and skills. They spent thousands of hours practicing and playing games. Therefore, they know so much more things about that particular game which the average player cannot even think of.

You can watch hundreds of tutorials on the Internet that can help you a little bit...

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Skill Based Learning for Competitive Gaming

The two main types of learning to become a better gamer in competitive gaming are skill based learning and knowledge based learning. We will discuss both in detail starting with skill based learning.

Skill Based Learning

Skill based learning means you train the parts of your body, including your brain that does not have anything to do with actually knowing stuff. It doesn’t matter what game you are competing in, whether it be League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, World of Warcraft or any other game. You have to train several things to become a better player like your muscle memory, the execution order of combos and your reaction time.

All three can be trained separately and can be improved upon...

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