How much time do you need for turning pro?

How much time do you need for turning pro?

Becoming a professional Esports player is a dream of every gamer. However, a very small proportion of gamers succeed in turning pro. One of the reasons is time. Therefore, the question is: “How much time do you need for turning pro?”.

What are the Different levels of gaming?

There are several different levels of gaming. Accordingly, there are casual, hardcore, semi-pro and pro gamers. Although differences between these levels are not 100% determined, we can distinguish types of gamers according to time they spend playing video games. In addition to that, the effectiveness of the time spent is also important.

The best example for that is the best CS:GO team Astralis. They are undoubtedly the most dominant CS:GO team. However, they claim that they don’t practice more than other teams, but they are practicing in a more productive way.

For example, the hardcore gamer can easily spend more hours playing games than a semi-pro player. However, the difference is the effectiveness of that time. While a hardcore gamer is trying to kill time by having fun in these games, semi-pro players are trying to learn or improve their skills every day.

What is the 10,000 hours rule?

Malcolm Gladwell said that everyone needs 10,000 hours to master a skill. Truly, many scientists disagree with this rule, but it is very popular and frequently cited. Hence, if you practice 8 hours daily, you’ll need 1,250 days. If we convert that into years, that’s about 3 years and 5 months. So, according to Malcolm Gladwell, you need about three and a half years for turning pro with 8 hours of practice on a daily basis.

How many hours professional Esports players spend practicing?

Let’s say that casual gamers spend 2-3 hours daily playing video games. Hardcore gamers probably spend about 6-8 hours, or even more than that. When it comes to Semi-pros, it’s really hard to tell how much time they spend in order to be slightly better at gaming. But how much time professional Esports players need for turning pro?

If you directly talk to them and ask them this question, you’ll get different answers. Some will say 4-6 hours per day. Others spend 6-8 hours daily. However, you will also get answers such as 10-12 or 12-14 hours daily, which is quite insane. So, there is no rule even among Esports professionals.

In conclusion, it’s hard to give a 100% accurate answer. It’s really an individual thing. If you are talented, and if you spend your time effectively, you will be doing fine with 4-6 hours per day. On the other hand, you might need more than 8 hours daily.

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