How to beat stronger players?

How to beat stronger players?

Unless you are a real pro, you will always have to face stronger players than you. They might be better in a few segments of the game or they can be better in each aspect of the game. It’s not fun to play against stronger players, but there are are some things you can do in order to better your chances to beat stronger players.

Exploit their weaknesses

No matter how good someone is, he or she definitely has some weaknesses. Your job is to discover those weaknesses and try to exploit them. No one likes to face people who know their weaknesses. Imagine that you are bad at defending wings in FIFA 19, and your opponent is constantly attacking your wing-backs. Of course, that is going to annoy you and you will eventually lose the game.

Therefore, you need to make your opponent uncomfortable if you want to defeat him. Maybe you’ll have to adjust your play style, and it won’t be interesting to you, but that’s the only way to create some chances.

Play unpredictably

Every game has Meta. That’s something that describes the most common moves and strategies. For example, Meta in Overwatch, Dota, and LoL determines which champions are the best to play with. In these games, we witness Meta changes relatively often. On the other side, in FPS games such as CS:GO, Meta doesn’t change so frequently. Moreover, before AUG and Shotguns changes, there weren’t any Meta changes for a long time.

Truly, the best way to improve your game is to follow the Meta and play in the same way. However, that’s something that better players expect. So, if you want to beat stronger players, you need to play differently. Try some unusual players in FIFA, or pick some rarely played champions in LoL and Dota. If you play CS:GO, go through smokes and play in some uncharacteristic positions. That will surprise your opponents and it will better your chances to beat them.

Always learn something new

When you face stronger opponents, it’s a good opportunity to learn something new from them. So, if you lose the game, rewatch it and see where you made mistakes. Let your matches against stronger opponents be a lesson for you. That’s the champion’s mindset.

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