How to become a pro gamer? Three quick steps

How to become a pro gamer?

Esports is gradually becoming more popular every day. A couple of years ago, the majority of kids dreamed about becoming a professional football or basketball player. That is changing slowly as there are more young people every day who dream about becoming a professional gamer. But, the question is – how to become a pro gamer?

Pick the right game

Playing different games is fun, but it is also a pleasure that you have to get rid of in order to become a pro gamer. Of course, there are plenty of pro gamers who play different games occasionally. Nevertheless, they mostly played only one game until they mastered it. Therefore, you should try out as many games as possible and choose the one that suits you the most.

It’s very important to reveal if you feel more comfortable playing FPS or MOBA or some other types of games. Also, you should choose the right console as well. If you play FIFA or PES, you must know whether it is better for you to play on Xbox or PS4.

Find a team

Finding a team is crucial for team-based games such as Dota, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, and so on. There is no chance to become a pro gamer if you don’t have your own team. Surely, you can practice alone to some point. You need to master some particular level of the game before you start practicing with a team. But, at some point, you will just have to find or create a team.

You will never be able to become a pro gamer if you only play games with random people. When you find a team, you should look for sponsors that are going to pay at least for your basic bills such as plane tickets. But you need to justify the money you get by proving them that you are capable of achieving some notable results.

Learn all about the current competitive scene

This includes learning about active organizations as well as about tournaments rules and conditions. The initial goal of becoming pro is participating at official tournaments. Therefore, you need to know what are the conditions and requirements for participating in those events.

Also, it is important to learn all about the best teams and organizations because you should look forward to joining one of the best teams or organizations in the world. Accordingly, if you want to join them, you must be able to recognize them and know as much as possible about them.

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