How to communicate better in SoloQ matches?

How to communicate better in SoloQ matches?

In all team games, you can choose whether you want to play SoloQ matches or you prefer to play with your own team. SoloQ matches have always been risky to play considering that you play with people you don’t know. Communication is the biggest problem. However, there are some things you can do to communicate better in SoloQ matches.

Do not have any expectations from your teammates

One of the two biggest problems in SoloQ communication is toxicity. If you want to avoid being toxic on your own, don’t expect anything from your team. The main reason why people are toxic is that they expect too much from their team. Therefore, when teammates don’t meet expectations toxicity is starting manifesting itself.

So, the best way to start a SoloQ match is to think of your teammates as complete beginners and that it is something you just cannot change. Accordingly, if they play well you will be happy and eventually have a good time. If they play badly, that’s what you expected from them anyway, so you won’t get angry.

Do not take anything personally

If somehow you become the victim of toxic players, try to not to take it personally. Remember that you are probably not the only person they insulted. Maybe they are the problem. Perhaps they just had a bad day, or they are on a losing streak. Notice that they don’t even know you. So, if they tell you something like: “You are stupid” that really has no validity.

This advice will definitely help you to focus on the game and have fun regardless of toxic teammates. As a result, you’ll play and communicate better in SoloQ matches.

Do your part of the job

If your teammates don’t want to talk with you, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your part of the job in terms of communication. Depending on the game, your communication can be important every second. For example, in games such as Apex Legends, Overwatch, CS:GO, and PUBG, you just need to provide your teammates with information.

If they don’t do the same thing, then focus only on your game and understand that you are on your own. Nevertheless, keep communicating with teammates and let them know every significant information regarding the match.

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