How to deal with tilt in eSports?

How to deal with tilt?

Tilt is an inevitable part of life in general. However, it particularly manifests itself in a competitive environment such as Esports. In this article, you can learn about some of the best ways to deal with tilt.

What is the tilt?

In a gaming sense, the tilt is basically a synonym for rage. That’s a term that we use for the situation when we express our anger. It happens when reality doesn’t meet our expectations. For example, when the enemy’s jungler steals your Dragon in LoL, you get angry because you didn’t expect that.

Sports simulation gamers perhaps have the biggest problem to deal with tilt as it is really hard to control everything at once. So many players left FIFA and PES because these games have so many glitches and bugs. The problem with tilt is that it can make you play much worse.

Have fun, use humor

One of the best ways to deal with tilt is to use humor whenever you can. If you got knifed by an opponent in CS:GO, don’t tilt, but make fun of it. Admit that your opponent made a great play and make a good joke of it. If you have bad teammates, tilting will just make them even worse. Instead, try to amuse them in some way so everyone can have fun, which is a fundamental purpose of the games.

It will also make you feel better and eventually prevent you from tilting.

Focus on your goal

After choking so many times, the best CS:GO team, Astralis, hired a psychologist to help them. Among other things, they worked on the best way to deal with tilt. According to the words of their psychologist, if you want to tilt less, you should focus on your goal.

Firstly, you should recognize the tilt before it manifests itself. Then, you have to accept anger and release it. The best way to do so is to always keep in mind what is your goal. Whenever you get frustrated remember that getting tilted won’t bring you anything good. On the contrary, it will just push your goal farther.

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