How to develop the right strategy in a game?

How to develop the right strategy in a game?

Developing the correct strategy in a game is important not only in Strategy games but in all kinds of games. If you want to be the last man standing, you need to find a way to develop the right strategy in the game, which is going to help you in the long run.

Why is the right strategy so important?

Every game has some part that you just have to think through before pursuing. In CS:GO that’s the game economy, in LoL those are the different game objectives like Turrets and Drakes, in PUBG and Fortnite those are the resources. So, you must check these things out before you can do anything at all.

What is the best way to develop the right strategy in a game?

Truly, every game is so different, and you cannot develop the same strategy for all of them. Nevertheless, there are some common things you can do in all games.

  • Focus on objectives

All games have objectives. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be interesting. So, if you want to win the game, you need to accomplish different tasks. If there are multiple objectives, arrange them according to significance. The final objective (e.g. destroying the Nexus in LoL), must be on top of your priorities. So, if you have an opportunity to destroy the Nexus in LoL, there is really no need to go for that Baron, even though Baron is also high on the list of priorities.

  • Check out what you have in your arsenal

Knowing what resources you have is very important in every game. If you want to develop the right strategy in a game, you must know what you start out with. Sometimes, it’s a much better option to retreat than to engage in a fight. Remember that retreating doesn’t mean that you are a coward, but it means that you are smart.

  • Search for your opponent’s weaknesses

If you do research before the game, you immediately have the upper hand. When you discover your opponent’s weaknesses, start exploiting them. That will make them mad and distress. Eventually, they will lose their nerves, and you will have an easy job to finish them off.


Without having a long-term plan, your game is going to collapse in most of the cases. No matter if you play LoL, FIFA, Overwatch, Hearthstone, or Rocket League, you just need to have a good plan. If you just lean on your game sense and skills, you will eventually get crushed by the opponents.

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