How to get out of the Silver in Competitive Games?

How to get out of Silver in Competitive Games?

All games with a competitive aspect have something in common and that means that it has different ranks. “It doesn’t show us our real skill level”, but it’s still something that we bother ourselves with. Here are some basic tips on how to get out of the Silver or any other low rank in competitive games.

Practice more

Of course, it’s possible that something else is wrong, but you always need to start with the most obvious thing. Maybe you are just too bad and you need to put some effort into improving your skills. There are different ways you can practice your skills.

For example, you can practice farming in LoL, Dota 2, and Overwatch, or you can play Deathmatches in CS:GO. It completely depends on the game, but one thing is sure – you need to dedicate more time to the game. That’s the only way to get out of the Silver.

Play for the team

Maybe you are actually a good player, and you even manage to carry some games alone. Nevertheless, good stats by your name maybe means that you are not playing for the team. On the contrary, you perhaps play only to get good statistics. Of course, taking an Ace (killing the entire enemy’s team) can be only the good thing for your team. But, the point is that you can’t do that all the time.

So, you should focus on objectives rather than statistics. In the end, the main objective matters only. If you have 20 kills in LoL, but your Nexus got destroyed before the opponent’s it doesn’t matter in the end. Also, making some fancy plays and moves in Rocket League is nice, but goals are the only thing that matter in the end. So, you should consider this as the reason why you can’t get out of the Silver so easily.

Create your own team

The final advice is to create your own team. The purpose of this advice is not to find someone to carry you but to build a team that you are going to play consistently with. As a result, you are going to play better and you can’t blame your team for your bad results anymore.

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