How to make a team for competitive gaming?

How to make a team for competitive gaming?

Playing matchmaking and SoloQ can be fun as you meet new people and you are excited because you don’t know what to expect. However, if you are ambitious when it comes to competitive gaming, you need your team. Therefore, you need how to make a team for competitive gaming.

Study the game and current Meta

Before creating a team, you need to thoroughly study the game you decided to play as well as the current Meta. That basically means that you need to watch as many pro games as possible. You need to figure out what set-ups the best teams use. Also, you need to see how they chose their own team.

For example, in CS:GO, there are some particular things that are important for particular roles such as AWPer or In-game Leader. You should look at the best AWPers (s1mple, GuardiaN, dev1ce) and the best In-Game Leaders (gla1ve, nitr0) and see what makes them the best. Then you need to look for players with the same strengths.

Set your goal before making a team

Knowing how to make a team for competitive gaming is important, but you first have to set your goal. So many teams end up disbanded because their members didn’t have the same goal. Some of them joined a team because of entertainment and fun. On the other side, there are members who joined the team because they wanted to achieve something significant.

In the end, those teams often disband due to different goals and a different amount of dedication. That’s why you need to clarify your goals before creating the team.

Learn where you need to look for players

This depends on the game. For example, if you want to make a team for competitive gaming in CS:GO, you can look for those on FACEIT servers. But, if you want to build a team in some other game such as Overwatch, LoL or Dota, you need to find them in some other ways.

Anyway, there are useful websites that specialize in helping players to create their own teams. One of those websites is DreamTeam where you can easily find players you need.

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