How to practice in-game reactions?

How to practice in-game reactions?

Practicing different aspects of the game is very important for improving your in-game performance. However, there are some things, like reactions, that you should practice outside of the game in order to be better. In this article, you can read how to practice in-game reactions.

Reactions are more about genes and less about practice

Unfortunately, reaction time highly depends on our talent. In other words, if you are not born with good reactions, you will have a rough time trying to improve them. Nevertheless, you can always make your reaction time at least 10-20% better if you know how to practice in-game reactions properly. Although it doesn’t sound too much to you, that can make a difference between losing and winning.

Also, there are games that don’t particularly require good reactions such as Hearthstone, Artifact, StarCraft or any other strategy or tactic game. So, if you have really bad reactions, maybe you should switch to these games.

How to practice in-game reactions?

The good thing about the reaction is that you can practice it outside of the game. A great way to practice reaction time is playing traditional sports that require good reflexes. One of the best sports disciplines for that is tennis or table tennis. These two sports are highly demanding in terms of quick moves and fast reactions. Professional tennis players don’t even think about what they do. Shots and movements come naturally to them.

Also, playing traditional sports will better your concentration and motoric skills, which is also good for your in-game performance.

You can try other things as well. There are numerous casual reflex games that you can play on your smartphone. If you have someone who knows how to program, you can ask them to make a simple application for you. It should be some kind of game that changes colors and you need to press the screen only if a particular color appears on the screen.

That is probably the second best way to practice in-game reactions. The best way is definitely to play the game itself as much as possible. Alongside reaction time, you will improve in other game aspects simultaneously.

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