The importance of choosing the right role in eSports games

If you want to be as best in any eSports game, you need to pick the right role for yourself. By choosing the role in eSports games you get a chance to fully focus on one aspect of the game. As a result, you’ll master that role faster.

Multiple roles in eSports games

Some Esports games such as Fortnite, Hearthstone, FIFA, and others don’t really have roles. Moreover, many of them are played by one player. Games such as CS:GO and Overwatch don’t have strictly defined roles. We can say that there are Lurker, Support, Entry Fragger, In-Game Leader and AWPer in CS:GO, as well as Tank, Damage and Support players in Overwatch.

Still, those roles are not as strictly defined as they are in LoL and Dota. For example, Top Laner in LoL is specialized in playing on the Top Lane. When you go to a website such as Liquipedia and check some professional player’s page, there will be the name of his role as well. There is a reason why players are specializing only for one role in the game.

Why is choosing a role in eSports games necessary?

Can you imagine that you are playing a complex game such as League of Legends? There are three lanes, five roles, and more than a hundred champions. Each champion has four different abilities plus one passive ability. Can you imagine what would happen if you try to master them all? Well, that’s basically impossible.

Of course, you need to be familiar with all champions and roles. Nevertheless, you should focus only on a few champions and one role if you want to realize your full potential.  You’ll know those few champions by heart. Undoubtedly, every team prefers to have a player who plays a few champions at 100% than someone who plays 20, 30 champions at 60%.

How to choose your role in the game?

First of all, you need to understand the game and learn all the roles in the game. For that, you can visit websites such as Liquipedia or “The name of the game” Wiki and search for the roles. See what every role means and try to find the one that suits you the best. Afterward, focus on playing and practicing just that particular role and you’ll see the benefits quickly.

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