Using a VPN for Competitive Gaming

We already discussed how to improve yourself as a gamer but Using a VPN for Competitive Gaming is considered to be mandatory for a competitive gamer. With the development of various black hat techniques now it’s possible to make it completely impossible for you to win if you don’t protect yourself. These techniques might include DDoS-ing your IP and network which might completely disconnect you, but at the very least increase your latency.

The solution

The solution is to use a VPN which acts as an intermediary server between you and the game servers. When someone tries to find your IP to DDoS you, they will find the IP of the VPN server. When they launch their network attack against you it will be against the VPN server, which will soak up the attack. Most enterprise server and data centers have DDoS mitigation so the attacker would have to create a much bigger attack to achieve anything and even if the attacker succeeds, you will simply be disconnected from the VPN server. After that, your system will automatically reconnect to the game server instantly by using your home connection or another VPN.

VPN for Competitive Gaming

Choosing the appropriate VPN provider is very important. You have to make sure you don’t just choose a generic VPN provider as their servers might be used for other things like torrenting or even illegal things. That might even get your banned gaming account banned.

You want to use a specialized VPN so a VPN provider that offer Game VPN, Gamer VPN, and Gaming VPN services. Such a provider is No matter which game you are playing in competitively a specialized VPN is the best choice at this time simply because there are so many VPN users.

You might also want to consider game specific VPN server like League of Legends VPN, CS:GO VPN, DOTA 2 VPN or a  PUBG VPN!


Using a VPN for Competitive Gaming is extremely important nowadays to combat cheaters and hackers, however finding the correct one is a daunting task. I presented that using a gaming specific VPN is the best choice at this time.

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