What things you must avoid doing in competitive gaming?

What things you must avoid doing in competitive gaming?

If you want to be good in competitive gaming, there are some things that you must avoid doing. These bad habits stop you from showing your full potential, and you have to get rid of them in order to get better. These are the three things you must avoid doing in competitive gaming. 

Avoid doing things that pro players don’t practice

In every game, there are things that affect your performance badly. There are two ways to figure out if you are doing something that you shouldn’t. You should avoid it if it makes your game bad. Also, you shouldn’t do that if it’s something that pro players don’t practice. For example, constantly crouching in CS:GO or leaving your support undefended in Overwatch is something that can make you lose the game.

Also, you will never see pro players unnecessarily feeding opponent’s champions in LoL and Dota nor FIFA players playing only with one player in attacking third. The problem with those things is that they are so fun to do and it’s hard to resist doing them. However, you must avoid doing them in competitive gaming.

Stop blaming others for your mistakes

It doesn’t matter if you play team based or solo based games, remember that your faults are just your faults. It rarely has something to do with other players or with the game itself. Of course, it’s easy to blame cheaters in CS:GO or the referee in FIFA, but it’s not the right way to go. If you never admit your mistakes, you’ll never be able to work on them and eventually fix them.

So, the next time when a Teemo player kills you in LoL, remember that it’s not because Teemo is OP, but it is because that player is better than you.

Don’t play competitive matches when you don’t feel well

The last thing to avoid doing in competitive gaming is something that can drastically improve your overall game performance. Gaming is there primarily for fun. If you don’t make a living from gaming, you are not obliged to play it every day. On the contrary, you can do it whenever you want. Therefore, you shouldn’t play games when you don’t feel so well.

If you are tired or ill, that can make your reactions and overall performance worse. As a result, you will be frustrated by your failure to play as best as you can. That’s something that you don’t want, and something that you definitely should avoid.

If you follow these instructions, you can significantly improve your performance and skills.

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