When is the right time to take a break from gaming?

When is the right time to take a break from gaming?

Although it sounds ridiculous, people can suffer from gaming burnout. It can easily affect your life as a whole. So, there is a time when you just should just take a break from gaming.

What is gaming burnout?

Just like any other activity, gaming can also cause something called burnout. Basically, it is the mental and physical state when a person feels very tired, depressed and lethargic. You just don’t have the will to do things and every task looks hard. It perhaps looks silly to talk about burnout and gaming in the same context. Nevertheless, that’s a real thing.

If you feel all these symptoms and you are not sure what the cause is, maybe you should check the time tracker on your game console. If you see dozens of hours there, maybe it’s time to take a break from gaming. Also, a telling sign that you are really suffering from gaming burnout is that your results in the game are getting worse.

How does gaming cause burnout?

There is a common opinion that gaming is only about fun and entertainment. However, that’s not completely true. Gaming is also about the challenge, competition, and practice. If you want to relax and have fun, you can always play some casual or creative games such as Minecraft, Sims, City’s Skylines, and others. However, hardcore gamers usually play highly competitive games such as LoL, Dota, PUBG and so on.

Of course, you cannot always win in these competitive games. So, when you lose a game, you just have to play another one in order to feel better and eventually win the game. Therefore, after some time you get into a vicious circle. Suddenly, you spend all day playing the game and trying to get at least one win. When you finally win, you want to play again and win more. No wonder why you feel so tired after hundreds of matches.

When to take a break from gaming, and how long it should last for?

If you start losing games in a row and getting nervous and annoyed each time when something unwanted happens, it’s time to say enough. If you don’t have fun while playing the game, and you get angry easily, it can seriously affect your mental health. Also, it can make your in-game performance even worse. Don’t be that bossy guy in the game who yells at his teammates.

Taking a break from gaming should last for at least 4-5 days. It should last for enough time to recover from burnout, but it must not last too long as it can have a negative effect on your muscle memory and your game skills. In the meantime, find something fun and interesting to do. Go outside, hang out with friends, do some exercise. It’s up to you, just pick something that can draw your attention.

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