Why you should prefer Premade over SoloQ matches?

Why you should prefer Premade over SoloQ matches?

In most of team-based video games, there are two types of matchmaking: Premade and SoloQ. Both Premade and SoloQ matches have their advantages and disadvantages. However, there are some reasons why you should prefer Premade over SoloQ matches.

What is the difference between Premade and SoloQ matches?

In team-based video games such as Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, CS:GO and others, you can choose if you want to match-up with completely random people or with the players that you know. If you choose to play on your own, that’s SoloQ matchmaking. On the other hand, if you invite your friends to the game, that’s Premade matchmaking.

You avoid trolls and flamers

Although it’s possible that your Premade teammate gets mad at you, it will happen much less often than in SoloQ matches. There is really nothing that can ruin your day like trolls and flamers in SoloQ matches. Considering that you don’t know each other in SoloQ matches, you can easily start insulting each other. That is not going to happen in Premade matches as you are most likely friends with your teammates.

You will have better communication

One of the reasons why you should prefer Premade over SoloQ matches is definitely communication. If you play Premade matches, you’ll most likely play with the people whose mother tongue is the same as yours. Obviously, no matter how well you speak English, you will always communicate better using your first language.

Even if you play together with people from other countries, you’ll still communicate better with them than with complete strangers. Simply, you are going to understand each other better.

You know each other better

Truly, SoloQ matches can help you become independent in your game. They can teach you how to lean on yourself. However, that is not going to teach you how to really play the game. If you already play a team-based video game, that means that you must learn to be a team player.

It’s almost impossible to play like a real team when you match-up with people you don’t know. You don’t use the same tactics and strategies. Therefore, the coordination between you is going to be terrible. So, you won’t have much fun playing the game, and you will just mess up your game routine. Accordingly, you should prefer Premade over SoloQ matches and stick to the same people. Who knows, maybe you all are going to turn pro together one day.

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