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Game On! Learning

Improve Workforce Performance through Online Serious Learning Games and Simulations

It’s Time to Finally Kiss Traditional eLearning Goodbye.  That's the title of a recent article by Jenny Dearborn, the Chief Learning Officer and Senior Vice President at SAP.  You can read the article, published in TLNT, here.

Game On! Learning helps corporations and government organizations realize the highest possible workforce performance gains and business impact from this compelling way of delivering training.

We do this in 3 ways.  Click on the links below to learn more.

  1. Gamification and mobile learning consultation.  Most organizations are looking seriously at corporate learning games and simulations, and/or mobile learning, but don't always know where to start.  We help you select the right learning initiatives and the right strategies.  Clients also leverage our implementation and measurement experience in these key areas.
  2. Custom learning game/simulation development.  Most of our clients have terrific instructional design experience on staff, but often lack critical mass in game or sim design.  In other cases, they have resource constraints.  Game On! Learning can jump in the boat with you to make sure your custom game or sim hits the bull's eye.  Blended learning strategies leveraging games and sims are our sweet spot.
  3. Mobile learning implementation.  Many vendors stress how easy it is to roll out mobile learning.  What you get is basically eLearning on smartphones and tablets.  More convenient to access, but hardly more engaging or effective.  We provide solutions that redefine engaging and effective by truly leverage the capabilities of mobile devices to provide superior learning, and were recently selected in the Elearning! Best of 2014!

Ready to learn more about learning gamification?  Our Chief Game Changer, Bryan Austin, recently appeared on the web TV series eLearn Chat to discuss gamification and learning games.  Check out the episode by clicking here for the replay.

Also, we are very honored that Elearning! magazine recently asked us to contribute to the development of their special issue on gamification.  In it, you'll find several articles on learning gamification and serious games, including case studies, impact measurement strategies, and much more!  Request a copy sent via U.S. mail by clicking here.

Finally, listen to this Gamification Talk Radio interview of Bryan Austin by host Monica Cornetti.  It provides great insight into a critical dilemma facing corporate learning and development organizations today, and what several innovative organizations are doing to address it.  Click here to listen to a replay of the broadcast.

The engagement challenges of traditional elearning and classroom training have been well documented in recent years.  The employees of many organizations are staying away from these types of learning in droves, or consuming them only under duress.

Yes, well-designed learning games will significantly improve learner engagement.  But learning gamification is about so much more than simply making training more fun.

Game On! Learning is partnering with KnowledgeAdvisors® and our clients to research the learning impact of serious learning games versus their traditional classroom and elearning counterparts.  The preliminary results are impressive!  Well-designed learning games are clearly more effective in anchoring knowledge, building skills, and applying the learning outcomes to produce improved performance on the job.

We advise organizations on how to most effectively leverage learning gamification in key learning initiatives, whether it be in foundation learning, informal learning, or the reinforcement of learning programs.  All with a keen focus on measurable learning transfer and performance impact.

Connect with THE thought leader in learning gamification and serious learning games to guide your implementation of this exciting way to deliver training.  We provide solutions that will ignite your employees, clients and business results much more quickly.  And isn't that why you train in the first place?

It’s time to get your GAME ON!

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Chief Game Changer at Game On! Learning

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