Madlibs Bounties

Getting Started

  1. Message @Harkoss on the GameOn Discord which bounty you want to do.
  2. Get/Own the following two assets. You do not need to insert these into your game. They will be loaded at runtime if you own the assets.
    1. Get/own the GameOn SDK
    2. Get/own the GameOn Madlibs Driver
  3. Get/Own the GameOn Plugin.
  4. Here's a GameOn Plugin How-To tutorial.

  5. Load the GameOn Plugin in Roblox Studio.
  6. Press the install button
  7. Open the Madlibs window
  8. Enter the bounty's code into the Madlibs window
  9. Start Building!
  10. When you're finished, return to the bounty page, and click the Submit button.