Does your kid hate reading but loves Roblox?

Does your kid hate reading but loves Roblox?

Set a monthly goal for you child and reward them with Robux for meeting it.

Why Game-Based

Game-based learning is effective at engaging learners and delivering results. Our games are tied to Common-Core standards and teach skills across Bloom's Taxonomy.


Immersive Learning

  • Connected to Common-Core reading standards

  • Student progress tracking through our analytics portal

  • All games are free to play on Roblox

  • Student data presented on grade level

  • Expert instructional ratings of games

Roblox Character Group
Roblox GFX of laser fight


Gamify to Earn

  • Get paid in cash through Stripe Payments

  • Payout based on how well your game teaches

  • Tutorials & resources

  • Easy-to-use SDK

  • Discord with teachers