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Level up students' reading

Level up students' reading

on their favorite platform, Roblox.

Why Game-Based

Our game-based learning immerses students while supporting student achievement on state assessments. Our games build learners' vocabulary, grammar fluency, working memory, attention and logic.


Immersive Learning

  • CMAS test-preparation

  • Expert instructional design and engaging game mechanics.

  • Classroom progress tracking through our Storyteller analytics dashboard

  • TRACE AI optimizes time spent in-game to close student learning gaps.

  • Multi-pathing technology allows for students to practice with their favorite games repeatedly

  • Multitude of games tailored to each topic gives students variety in their practice.

Roblox Character Group
Roblox GFX of laser fight


Gamify to Earn

  • Get paid in cash through Paypal

  • Payment based on your game's quality

  • Tutorials & resources

  • Plugin to speed up development

  • Discord to ask questions