How to be a good in-game leader?

How to be a good in-game leader?

Every team based game requires a good in-game leader who is going to make calls and decisions in a split of a second. But, how to be a good in-game leader and how to avoid becoming bossy and toxic?

What is the in-game leader?

Although not all games have an in-game leader as a strictly defined role, they all basically have some guy that makes all or the majority of decisions. These in-game leaders are usually team captains who carry the biggest part of the burden. They are responsible, reliable and they usually know how game tactics work the best.

So, if you don’t have these values, it’s going to be hard for you to be a good in-game leader. But don’t worry, there are some certain things you can do.

Be a leader when no one wants to be one

If you play SoloQ ma...

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The importance of preparation for the match

The importance of good preparation for the match

If you want to win the majority of your matches, you always need to be well prepared. The importance of good preparation for the match is huge and it can make a difference between winner and loser.

Why is preparation for the match so important?

When it comes to competitive games, the best players and teams are usually those who do their homework the best. This particularly applies to traditional sports, but there are numerous examples in Esports as well. For example, Astralis is undoubtedly the best CS:GO team in the history of that game.

If you ask them how they succeed in being so dominant, they will mention many reasons. However, the most important reason is perhaps an excellent match preparation...

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Where to find information about the competitive Esports scene?

Learning as much as possible about the current competitive scene of whatever game you play is crucial for becoming a pro. But it’s often not easy to find the information you need. Therefore, here you can read about where to find all the information about the competitive Esports scene.


Liquipedia has been the main source of information for many Esports writers since many years ago. It contains almost all the information about the competitive Esports scene and of any player who dreams about becoming a pro.

Liquipedia features 14 different Esports games such as CS:GO, Overwatch, PUBG, LoL, and so on. Also, eight other games are in the Alpha mode as they still need to be worked on. Liquipedia is so convenient to use thanks due to its practical User Interface.

On the main page of any...

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How to get out of the Silver in Competitive Games?

How to get out of Silver in Competitive Games?

All games with a competitive aspect have something in common and that means that it has different ranks. “It doesn’t show us our real skill level”, but it’s still something that we bother ourselves with. Here are some basic tips on how to get out of the Silver or any other low rank in competitive games.

Practice more

Of course, it’s possible that something else is wrong, but you always need to start with the most obvious thing. Maybe you are just too bad and you need to put some effort into improving your skills. There are different ways you can practice your skills.

For example, you can practice farming in LoL, Dota 2, and Overwatch, or you can play Deathmatches in CS:GO...

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How to make a team for competitive gaming?

How to make a team for competitive gaming?

Playing matchmaking and SoloQ can be fun as you meet new people and you are excited because you don’t know what to expect. However, if you are ambitious when it comes to competitive gaming, you need your team. Therefore, you need how to make a team for competitive gaming.

Study the game and current Meta

Before creating a team, you need to thoroughly study the game you decided to play as well as the current Meta. That basically means that you need to watch as many pro games as possible. You need to figure out what set-ups the best teams use. Also, you need to see how they chose their own team.

For example, in CS:GO, there are some particular things that are important for particular roles such as AWPer or In-game Leader...

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What things you must avoid doing in competitive gaming?

What things you must avoid doing in competitive gaming?

If you want to be good in competitive gaming, there are some things that you must avoid doing. These bad habits stop you from showing your full potential, and you have to get rid of them in order to get better. These are the three things you must avoid doing in competitive gaming. 

Avoid doing things that pro players don’t practice

In every game, there are things that affect your performance badly. There are two ways to figure out if you are doing something that you shouldn’t. You should avoid it if it makes your game bad. Also, you shouldn’t do that if it’s something that pro players don’t practice. For example, constantly crouching in CS:GO or leaving your support undefended in Overwatch is something that can make you lose the ga...

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What is the best mindset for winning games?

What is the best mindset for winning games?

Skills and motoric abilities are definitely important for being good at competitive gaming. Nevertheless, if you don’t have the right mindset, it can cost you a lot. In this article, you can read about probably the best mindset for winning games.

Focus on your game

There are many things that have an impact on your game, but you can’t control them all. Things like FPS, ping, cheaters, game glitches and other stuff can really make your performance better or worse. Indeed, you can improve some of these things such as FPS or ping. But, when it comes to other players (cheaters, smurfs) and the game itself (glitches, unbalanced gameplay), there is nothing you can do about it.

If you think about the mentioned things, it will just make you angry and frus...

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How to practice in-game reactions?

How to practice in-game reactions?

Practicing different aspects of the game is very important for improving your in-game performance. However, there are some things, like reactions, that you should practice outside of the game in order to be better. In this article, you can read how to practice in-game reactions.

Reactions are more about genes and less about practice

Unfortunately, reaction time highly depends on our talent. In other words, if you are not born with good reactions, you will have a rough time trying to improve them. Nevertheless, you can always make your reaction time at least 10-20% better if you know how to practice in-game reactions properly. Although it doesn’t sound too much to you, that can make a difference between losing and winning.

Also, there are games that don’t ...

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How to deal with tilt in eSports?

How to deal with tilt?

Tilt is an inevitable part of life in general. However, it particularly manifests itself in a competitive environment such as Esports. In this article, you can learn about some of the best ways to deal with tilt.

What is the tilt?

In a gaming sense, the tilt is basically a synonym for rage. That’s a term that we use for the situation when we express our anger. It happens when reality doesn’t meet our expectations. For example, when the enemy’s jungler steals your Dragon in LoL, you get angry because you didn’t expect that.

Sports simulation gamers perhaps have the biggest problem to deal with tilt as it is really hard to control everything at once. So many players left FIFA and PES because these games have so many glitches and bugs...

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How to become a pro gamer? Three quick steps

How to become a pro gamer?

Esports is gradually becoming more popular every day. A couple of years ago, the majority of kids dreamed about becoming a professional football or basketball player. That is changing slowly as there are more young people every day who dream about becoming a professional gamer. But, the question is – how to become a pro gamer?

Pick the right game

Playing different games is fun, but it is also a pleasure that you have to get rid of in order to become a pro gamer. Of course, there are plenty of pro gamers who play different games occasionally. Nevertheless, they mostly played only one game until they mastered it. Therefore, you should try out as many games as possible and choose the one that suits you the most.

It’s very important to reveal if you feel more comfort...

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